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Our Team

vCISO Profiles 

We are a team of vCISOs holding industry's top level certificates like CISSP, having 25+ years of experience in international technology companies serving clients in different sectors including government. We match the vCISO depending on the client's needs and the vCISO's past experience in the same sector.


Our continuing education and coaching principles lead to new vCISOs emerging from our business environment who either join the team or serve at permanent CISO positions . This is a limited bandwidth service where we search and select talented candidates as we practice our profession. This active learning program helps candidates obtain top ranking Information Systems Security certificates naturally and easily. 

We make full CV and Technical Addendum of the vCISOs available to the client's who are seriously interested in this service.

Manage Security Service Provider (MSSP) Backed Services 

We partnered with one of the well known MSSP who not only gives cloud services but also gives on premise support to customers installing necessary security tools and devices. 


MSSP also mans the security positions needed to use and maintain the installed on premise systems of the customer on contract basis. Currently more than 200 positions have been filled in this way at multiple customer sites. This is a great support for those client's who do not have extensive HR capabilities and technical staff search & selection experience. 

Together with the vCISO service we equip your company with the cybersecurity function focused on your security starting from board level extended to the Security Operations.

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