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Our Expertise

We have a well established turn key working model where vCISOs help making strategic and tactical security decisions, establishing security programs. When it comes to implementation of those decisions our partner MSSP may help realize them. This even includes permanent or temporary employee placed to perform on premise security operation functions. Our vCISOs and partner support is completely vendor agnostic. We select and implement right technology from the right vendor depending on our client's needs in a cost effective way. 

What does vCISO mean


Full time employment of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) may be expensive for the most companies, especially, the Small and Medium Enterprises.

vCISO (Virtual CISO) serves your organization part time, stepping into the company at top management level, providing trusted consultancy services on cybersecurity and privacy compliance subjects.  The similar professional advisory effort costs far less than the fulltime employment.

In ever increasing cybersecurity threats all over the World, not having a fully qualified experienced cybersecurity and privacy data protection function is a risk too high to accept for any organization regardless of the size of the company.


Cybersecurity is not a subject for unqualified employee learning on “trial and error” fashion.

vCISO works on temporary basis but with full knowledge and experience to advise and you pay to the extend you use this service.

The ideal vCISO carries all quality attributes needed for full time CISO.  The person who can easily switch to the role of “Management Consultant” having necessary Business acumen and experience, making -hard to understand technical problems and their financial implications- simple in the face of board members, having deep technical knowledge and experience on Cybersecurity and necessary soft skills. A perfect bridge between business and cybersecurity, both on strategic and tactical levels.

The vCISO engages in the following activities periodically reporting the security standing of the company to the board:

-Asset management and classification

-Threat and Vulnerability Management

-Risk Assessment-Risk Management

-Information Security Program design and implementation (ISO 27001)

-Policy-SOP writing -implementation.

-Security awareness training.

-Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

-Incidence response


-Following the Cybersecurity research and developments, adapting to the changing needs based on changing threats.

For any company finding the right CISO, especially through the recruitment agencies is a challenging problem especially if you are asking for the top quality, especially in the presence of big cybersecurity workforce gap under ever increasing demand.

Our vCISO’s having 20 years or more experience in the industry, holding academic degrees in Computer and Electronics Engineering and necessary certificates like CISSP, CISM are ready to help you.

We are careful on not overloading our vCISOs that may have adverse effect on quality.

If you find our approach reasonable, please contact us for availability and further discussion. 

Partnership with MSSP

After every security decision; there comes the process of implementation. We are organized to help you on that front in a vendor agnostic way, meaning we are completely unbiased in vendor selection and we work with our client to select the right technology from the right vendor under balanced cost benefit criteria.

Secure Embedded System Development Consultancy 

We are helping Embedded System/IoT/ICS developers on secure software and hardware development including using and extending trust zones existing as on chip resources, Secure boot, over the air (OTA) updates. We can attend full development cycle as cybersecurity consultants from requirements analysis on, through the Software Development Life Cycle to the extend your team needs our support.  

Secure Coding Trainings

We train your architecting and developing teams on the secure software design and coding,  easing DevSecOps alignment.  

Security Awareness Trainings

We offer security awareness training for your organization particularly focused on DLP and Intellectual Property protection at all levels. 


Staffing your on-premise security operations

Our partner MSSP has well established streamlined process in finding the right security professional for the right position to place in your company to manage security operations, in case it is necessary. That means you do not need go through search and select process, onboarding-offboarding. 

In some cases remote operations or MSSP standard operations are not enough to maintain the operational security, like Industrial OT networks. We have the capabilities in staffing those positions with the right professionals.

Security Targeted Research

We accept targeted cybersecurity research requests from the customers who have specific needs in terms of protecting their assets. We have short adaptation time as we are in continuing cybersecurity research on AI, ML,  Zero Trust and even on post quantum cryptology. 


Vendor agnostic
Industry 4.0 Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

As there are variety of technologies involved and so many- vendors/solution providers- engaged in different projects in Industry 4.0, customers are struggling mainly in integration and making different parts working together to achieve desired results. Added to that is the complexity of maintaining the cybersecurity of the complete system with so many different parties working together.


Any Cybersecurity effort in such projects requires speaking the same language of different- vendors/solution providers- meaning in depth knowledge of what they are doing in hardware and software and awareness of what can go wrong in terms of security. We are well equipped on all those domains making sure that RFPs and contracts reflect the security requirements and tested for acceptance properly as well as managing the integrations security wise based on those requirements.


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