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“Industry 4.0 is a methodology involving technologies and value chains targeting smart manufacturing that run cyber physical systems, allowing AI driven de-centralized decisions be made by autonomous or semi-autonomous smart devices that communicate with each other and  humans, sharing meaningful data in a collaborative environment, in an integration scheme and timing, leading to efficient utilization of resources and production gains. This activity is supported by simulation of physical systems, analysis of big data collected for better decisions for tuning and maintaining the manufacturing systems”

Industry 4 general view picture.jpg

We can list down the pillars of Industry 4.0 as:
         >Autonomous  ROBOTS Smart Machines.
         >Cyber physical Systems-System Simulation.
         >Smart Sensors.
         >Big Data &  Analytics.
         >IoT –Internet of Things.
         >Cloud technologies.
         >Lateral and Horizontal Data Integration , Data sharing.
         >Augmented  Reality.
         >AI-Artificial Intelligence-decentralized decisions.
         >3D printing-Additive Manufacturing.
As it can be seen Cybersecurity is playing important role in every pillar of Industry 4.0 as the common denominator directly affecting the standing of the complete environment.

As there are variety of technologies involved and so many- vendors/solution providers- engaged in different parts of this new approach, customers are struggling mainly in integration and making different parts working together to achieve desired results. Added to that is the complexity of maintaining the cybersecurity of the complete system with so many different parties working together.


Any Cybersecurity effort in such projects requires speaking the same language of different- vendors/solution providers- meaning in depth knowledge of what they are doing in hardware and software and awareness of what can go wrong in terms of security. We are well equipped on all those domains making sure that RFPs and contracts reflect the security requirements and tested for acceptance properly as well as managing the integrations security wise based on those requirements.

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