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We are IS Security Consultants, vCISOs, who can sit at board level speak the language of top management making the complicated technical subjects simple to understand, discuss the subjects in all vectors of business, while talking to technical management on software, hardware, cybersecurity matters in depth. When said, “in depth”; it means, at software architect, software developer, hardware designer, IS Security Architect, IS security engineer, SOC admin, NW admin, Pen tester level. We help setting up and execution of your Information Systems Security Program 


BG Networks Inc. assigned Foureyeson Ltd. Sti. as the distributor of its products for Europe including Turkey on 24th of January 2022.

BG Networks is a cybersecurity software company focused on IoT and embedded systems, offering ; Security Automation Tools and Consulting Services . The Security Automation Tools are designed to enable software developers who don’t have a background in cybersecurity to implement cybersecurity in embedded devices. Consulting services are positioned to help companies get started on cybersecurity when they have very limited resources at the beginning, while the  ultimate goal is to enable their software developers to independently design cybersecurity into their embedded devices.

How we serve your business

We support you through your cybersecure business adventure. We believe it is not a journey anymore but an adventure under web of variety of cyber threats in todays’ IT industry. We are equipped and prepared professionals offering decades long experience as the “Four Eyes On” support to your existing security organization. We believe in “open innovation” and security research activity as essential ingredient of information security effort along with the day to day risk management. Our focus is on IoT/ICS and Embedded Systems security starting from design while  not excluding the conventional IT security surrounding it. We take holistic approach from doorstep of your potential adversaries to your production line and the life of the product in the market.  Overall; we believe we are well positioned for Industry 4.0 security needs as experienced professionals along with the partner organizations for realizing the information security projects in reliable way.

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We are adding quality in your Strategic Information Security Decisions.




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EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)  Proposal

EU Cyber Resilience Act is in proposal phase

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